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Can Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mothers Get Covid-19 Vaccines?

It has been almost over a year now that, the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has taken the entire world by a storm. In fact, we have come across words like pandemic, lockdown and phrases like social distancing and new normal since 2020, while we have been waiting in baited anticipation for the announcement of the “vaccine” from the scientists.

Although the Covid-19 vaccine has been invented, and every single day we are learning about its safety and efficacy, however, this vaccine is not a proven solution for everyone. As a woman who’s trying for a baby or a pregnant woman or a new-mum is still not sure, whether to get vaccinated or not.

Is Covid -19 Vaccine Safe For Pregnant Women

Throughout the pregnancy journey a pregnant woman’s immune system remains compromised, and she is more prone to falling sick and contracting seasonal flus and viral infections. And due to her weak immunity, she can also be at the high risk of contracting Covid-19. So, she can get the Covid-19 vaccine along with the other vaccines either after observing the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (a crucial period for a baby development) or before she enters the third trimester or the last phase of her pregnancy. However, pregnant women should be extra cautious during third trimester, and maintain all covid-essential precaution, as the pregnancy complications are high, during this time.

Moreover, till now, 2 vaccines – the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca vaccines has received provisional approval from The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Although, these days, Pfizer is chosen over AstraZeneca vaccines, in case of non-pregnant women, yet at this moment it is difficult to say with assurance whether it is effective during pregnancy. 

Overall, since studies are still being conducted about the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy, a pregnant woman should take medical advice before getting vaccinated.  

Is the Covid -19 Vaccine Safe For Lactating Mothers

As far as breastfeeding mothers are concerned, there are no specific study, to prove that the Covid-19 vaccine will provide health to both the mother and the baby. But, she is recommended to get vaccinated, as there are no known risks associated with the vaccine. Once the breastfeeding mother is vaccinated, the vaccine not just acts as a protective shield particularly against the life-threatening Covid-19 for her, but works towards boosting the immunity of the breast-fed new-born, by passing on the immunity-enhancing antibodies from the mother to the baby.

What Should a Would-be-mother and Breastfeeding Mother Know About Covid -19 Vaccine?

If a would-be-mother is at the risk of contracting the virus from family members, being in-home state, she should keep checking the availability of the vaccine with her heath-practitioners and get vaccinated when she’s eligible. But, maintain covid-appropriate behaviour, till such time.

Breastfeeding mothers, on the other hand, might get an mRNA vaccine, as this vaccine doesn’t carry the components of Covid-19 to harm either the mother or the baby. As when the breastfeeding mother gets the vaccine, small particles of the vaccine are used so that it doesn’t reach the breasts. And even if it reaches, it gets absorbed or digested.

To Conclude

Since a tiny life is a matter of huge concern, it’s natural that both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers will have questions about the covid-19 vaccine. Till the perfect answers are ready, it’s necessary to behave appropriately with the deadly virus and continuously; learn about the efficacy, side effects, and potential risks every day.

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