5 Easy Tips for Pregnant Women to have Flawless Skin

Reshma Seth gave birth to her second child last year. The 33-year-old interior designer proudly shows photographs of her pregnancy days. “People would keep commenting on how my skin glowed. They kept saying it was because of the baby! But apart from my skin and hair improving in texture during the pregnancy, I also take very good care of my diet. I followed a regular skin care routine that my beautician gave me. I never suffered breakouts or stretch marks,” she grins.

With pregnancy changing the shape and size of your body, with strange cravings keeping you up all night and a perpetual bloated feeling dogging you down, it might be daunting to maintain a regular skin care routine during pregnancy. “Women feel that they are allowed to gain weight and look frumpy during their pregnancy. This is the period of their lives when others don’t judge them for weight gain or hairfall or patchy skin. But it is psychologically healthier to maintain good skin during those days,” says beautician Lynette Seqeuira, who specialises in pregnancy-related skin care.

Plus, all it takes is a few extra minutes every day to discover gorgeous, supple skin during pregnancy, says Lynette. “A little change in diet, some moderate exercise and daily skin care – that’s all it takes,” she explains.

Here are 5 easy pregnancy skin care tips for you to follow:

Skin Care Twice a Day

Start every morning with a basic skin care routine just after you wake up. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin to give it a special glow. This routine ensures that you do not develop acne, fine lines and age spots. Your skin recovers faster and fights ageing better. Cleanse and moisturise your face before bedtime, and slather on your preferred night cream to wake up looking gorgeous.

Eat Well

Your pregnancy diet should comprise all the food groups, but do stay away from alcohol, sugar and excess salt. These rob the natural moisture in your skin and make it tired and dry. Instead, drink unsweetened fresh fruit juices and eat raw salads comprising tomato, lettuce, cabbage, lemon, figs, apple, walnuts, dates and spinach. These foods provide essential hydration, clear the skin and impart a luminous glow. The skin is also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to fight infection and toxins. Follow your doctor’s orders on diet and beverages during this time for the best results.

Tank Up on Water

It might seem counterproductive to drink too much water during your pregnancy – since you experience frequent urination – but water keeps your skin healthy and blemish free. It improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins from the body and keeps the skin supple. You can alternate drinking plain water with having two to three cups of green tea every day. Green tea is packed with anti-oxidants; these are excellent substances for skin repair and overall health.

Exercise in moderation

You cannot do intensive gym workouts or attend Zumba classes, but moderate exercise is essential during pregnancy. Take a brisk 30 minute walk and ask your doctor to prescribe yoga asanas to keep your joints supple. “Exercise helps tune the organs and eliminate toxins through sweat. It increases blood flow to the skin, thus making it healthier,” explains gym trainer Muskaan Shah.

Be Wise About Make-up

It is best to steer clear of make-up during pregnancy. “The skin is already undergoing several changes due to hormonal imbalances. Its texture changes during pregnancy. Besides, many pregnant women feel lethargic and omit to clean their make-up at night. This causes acne and blackheads,” explains fashion designer Ruchika Kakkar. “It is better to wear light, water-based make-up that is cleaned easily at the end of the day. Also, do not load your skin with excess products. Your make-up should not clog your skin and make it susceptible to breakouts.”

Follow these five easy pregnancy skin care tips for the best looking pregnancy in the world!