World Heart Day

40 Minutes of Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

About 1.7 million Indian hearts stop beating every year. In 2012, one in four Indians died of cardiovascular diseases, according to the World Health Organization. The death rate from cardiac disease was one in five in 2000. India is experiencing a cardiac disease epidemic, says an article published in NDTV Food in June 2015[1]. And this increase is often quoted as the result of increasing sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and stress. An active lifestyle which comprises of as less as 40 minutes of exercise daily can improve cardiac health and help you live longer.

World Heart Day: 4 Exercises to Improve the Quality and Quantity of Your Life

Cardiovascular diseases are no more a metaphor for aging problems. Individuals as young as 25 years old are being diagnosed with cardiac ailments. So irrespective of your age, you must take utmost care of your health. Exercise is one of the safest, most effective ways (in comparison to all other ways including drugs) to prevent and treat chronic diseases such as Cardiovascular diseases; according to a meta-review conducted by the researchers at Harvard and Stanford University[2]. Irrespective of what age you start exercising, it has been found to improve both longevity and quality of life. This World Heart Day, which falls on Tuesday, September 29, take a pledge to exercise at least for 40 minutes daily. Here are few exercises that can help you keep up and improve your cardiovascular health.

  1. Interval Training – Interval training basically refers to vigorous exercise alternated with rest. If you are a walker you can do alternate 3 minutes normal pace walk with 1 minute of brisk walk and so on. The rising and lowering of heart rate results in an improved vascular function, burn calories and helps the body to get rid of excess sugar and fat in blood efficiently.  It not only prevents cardiac ailments, diabetes but is also efficient in improving overall fitness and in losing weight.
  2. Weight Training – Weight training is another form of interval training. The heart rate increases during reps and recovers between sets. Stronger muscles will effectively handle the work they have to do thereby easing the burden on the blood pumping station of the body.
  3. Yoga – Yoga is known for strengthening and toning of the muscles. It also calms you lowering blood pressure and making blood vessels more elastic. Moreover, Ashtanga and Bikram yoga offer cardiovascular benefits.
  4. Cycling – Cycling is one of the most active forms of exercises. It uses large muscles in your legs to improve your heart rate and also help to burn calories.

Mark your calendar for the World Heart Day, start exercising and you will notice distinct improvements in your health over time. You can also try Pilates and swimming. If you have suffered from an attack or any other cardiovascular problem that has resulted in damage to your heart then you can opt for stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy involves replication of cells thus repairing the damage.




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