Have scientists discovered a natural way to boost muscle regeneration?

Boost muscle regeneration - Oct 18

Many athletes take painkillers regularly after intense workout sessions. The reason being, any muscle injury, inflammation, soreness, stiffness and aches can be handled with these medicines. But a new study suggests that these anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs often harm the muscles rather than doing any good. A Stanford Medicine study supports this view and proposes a […]

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Cord Blood Transplant – A better alternative to bone marrow transplant

Cord Blood Transplant - Oct 06

Cord blood transplant is not a new technique in the history of personalized medicine. Since 1988, it has been around and has been treating many critical diseases and disorders. Many scientists and doctors are of the opinion that cord blood makes a better alternative to bone marrow for patients, who require a stem cell transplant. […]

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Can Parkinson’s Disease be Treated?

Stem Cell Therapy for Parkinsons disease

Is stem cell therapy likely to cure Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is one of the deadliest neurological disorders known to afflict mankind. It is caused after the neurons in the brain get damaged or impaired, thus affecting their production of the essential chemical dopamine. Dopamine is essential for the smooth functioning of the body’s […]

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