Curing Cancer with Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy


Lead Paragraph: Medical science in the recent past has made incredible progress with cutting edge technology, breath taking discoveries and innovations making patient treatment safe and increasing our longevity.One such explored research was and still is the therapeutic effects of stem cells in cancer. Can stem cells form new cells to replace the cancerous cells? […]

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Stem cell study holds out promise for kidney disease


Days of clinical research empower scientists to discover novel methods using stem cells to develop more humanlike tiny kidneys. This is something, which is not as new to us as we had enough of such research-based organ development for kidney impairments earlier as well. More the number of new methods to investigate etiologies of kidney […]

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Super-obese patient-derived iPSC Hypothlamic neurons exhibit obesogenic signatures and hormone responses

Hypothlamic neurons

Obesity is a growing concern for the upcoming generation, and it has been a leading health problem for people across the world for many years now. Most surprisingly, we did not have any potential therapeutics to ward off its complications, adding to our woes and dilemma. The reasons could be a lack of transparent methodical […]

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New non embryonic stem cell study shows progress with Parkinson’s disease


As with many diseases, a neurological disorder like Parkinson’s, is hopeful to achieve a better and satisfactory outcome with a stem cell transplant. Ever since, the inception of human embryonic stem cells had been revolutionized in the lab in 1988, it was supposedly thought to eliminate the ill-effects of the disorder. Despite having super potential […]

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Genetically modified skin cells saved a 7-year old boy’s life


A remarkable achievement in the world of regenerative medicine, especially for victims of severe burns and suffering from skin conditions, came forward when scientists reported that they were able to successfully engraft modified stem cells in order to grow skin over a 7 year old boy. Suffering from genetic disease known as Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa […]

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Stories of Hope: The Story of a South African Bubble Boy and a Gene Therapy that gave him his life back


Life is truly uncertain with its bout of ailments and untreatable diseases. This is why scientists and doctors are always in an attempt to come up with revolutionary cures and regenerative cures. And all across the globe there are miracle stories being circulated about the advanced stem cell and gene therapy and others that have […]

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Siblings and Cord Blood: How your baby’s cord blood can help treat a sibling?


Human ailments are always on the rise. And so are its treatments! Doctors and medical experts are constantly experimenting with new treatment modalities to be able to cure chronic ailments. One such medium is cord blood stem cell transplant. This has gained prominence in the recent times, owing to the success stories about patients who […]

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