Major Steps For Autism Prevention During Pregnancy

autism during pregnancy

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurological developmental disorder characterized by cognitive deficits and impaired social and communicative development. The term “spectrum” relates to a wide range of autism spectrum disorder symptoms, and it includes challenges in social skills, communication, and repetitive behaviours. So, while some children with autism spectrum disorder may face difficulty […]

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Maternal and Newborn Health Matters: Focus on Taking Care, This Women’s Day

maternal and newborn health care

Embracing motherhood and entering the phase of new motherhood is a fulfilling natural experience. But, it’s not all that hunky dory. Every year, maternal mortality occurs at the time of pregnancy and the delivery of the baby, because of the income status, fragile delivery systems (in many developing countries), pregnancy infection, and infection during childbirth. Maternal […]

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