Transportation of Stem Cells

Stem cells are typically frozen using liquid nitrogen or dry ice, so that they can be stored at room temperature using a semi-permeable hydrogel. This allows the stem cells to be used almost immediately upon arriving. As these cells offer enormous benefits and potential for treating major illnesses like cancer and heart disease, it is essential that they can be transported easily and quickly.

Stem cells require temperature controlled packing and must not be exposed to X-Rays at any cost through the transportation process. These shipments are extremely sensitive and need to be transported intact, without diminishing their quality or damaging the packaging.

Cordlife uses couriers qualified to handle human tissue. This ensures that the cord blood unit is brought to our processing facility in the quickest and safest manner. We go the extra mile to ensure that these precious life-saving units are preserved with extreme care.

Given the value of each package to save someone’s life, there is no room for accidents or errors. Every cord blood unit is delivered quickly, at the specified time, and in the safest manner possible.