Let Cordlife be a part of your life

When your child is born, it is a good idea to have his/her cord blood cells stored with Cordlife, Asia’s leading private cord blood bank. This is an effective way to insure your child against some of the worst blood and immune system related diseases. Cord blood cells are much more easily accepted during a transplant, facilitating the treatment of many a deadly disease. Cordlife helps store stem cells that are taken from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby and stores them for future use by the donor and his/her family. Although there is the option of bone marrow transplants for various ailments, umbilical cord blood cells are more easily transferable and stand at a lower chance of being rejected by the recipient’s body.

By storing your child’s cord blood in a trusted private stem cell bank, you are at an added advantage because you will have access to the blood cells at any time that your child, his/her siblings or a family member contracts a chronic or terminal disease. Cord blood can be used to cure a number of diseases and disorders, including leukemia and aplastic anemia. So, don’t think twice before getting your newborn’s cord blood stored with Cordlife.