About Cordlife Group Limited

Parents all around the world are choosing to store the cord blood cells of their new born children so that they can ensure a healthy future for their child and protect them against some of the most serious ailments for a lifetime. Cordlife Group Limited helps parents do just this. The company has evolved from being a startup and pioneer in India to becoming one of the leading providers of stem cell banking in Asia. Its aim is to keep your children safe and healthy by preserving an effective means of treating terminal and chronic blood-related diseases. With branches all across Asia, including China, Philippines, India and Indonesia, Cordlife Group Limited has vast cord blood storage facilities, with storage capacity of up to 650 thousand cord blood units in China.

Parents all around the globe are storing their babies’ cord blood because it contains haematopoietic stem cells that support the treatment of various diseases. Blood disorders and immune deficiencies, along with cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, can all be treated with cord blood cells. Even diabetes and spinal cord injury is being treated today through these blood cells, thanks to recent breakthroughs in medical science. The best part is that family members and relatives suffering from deadly diseases can also benefit from your baby’s cord blood, if preserved at a reliable banking facility like Cordlife Group Limited.