Why Stem Cell Banking?

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord functions as a lifeline between mother and child. After a baby’s delivery, the cord blood present in the umbilical cord can be preserved which can treat the family for over 80 Life Threatening diseases. Here is a list of treatable diseases through Cord Blood Banking.

How Cord Blood Stem Cells Help?

  • Replace and regenerate damaged or diseased bone marrow
  • Treatment for blood cancers
  • Correct genetic defects (sibling/allogeneic transplantation)

How are Cord Blood Stem Cells Collected?

Immediately after the delivery of your baby, the cord is clamped and your baby separated from the cord and moved from the birthing area. The doctor then collects the umbilical cord blood by inserting a needle into the cord vein, and draining the blood into a blood bag. This procedure is painless and risk-free.


CFU Assay

As a Parent, you would want the best quality of stem cells to be stored. But it is not sufficient to just elect to store one’s cord blood, it is equally important to reassure oneself that the cells are and will perform accordingly at the time of need. CFU Assay confirms the potency (function) and proliferative capacity (multiplication) of the stem cells and brings in a sense of security at the very incipient stage i.e. at the time of storage.


HLA typing

An important test conducted on the stem cells and the patient to identify if the stem cells match with the patient’s HLA type or not.This entire process of HLA typing and matching is time-consuming and the patient is already critical waiting for treatment. Therefore, in order to avoid all the above complications, it is recommended to perform HLA typing on stem cells right at the time of storage. Why? Because it not only saves crucial time for the patient in need but also prevents wastage of precious stem cells required to identify and match the unit with various recipients till it matches.


Additional Storage Programme

With growing health care facility in India, it is very well expected that life expectancy of an individual will increase in coming years and can go up to Seventy-Five (75) years. That is why we offer you an extended storage of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells for an additional period of Fifty-Four (54) years. The Additional Storage Period will start only after the completion of the primary Agreement i.e. on the Twenty-First (21st) birthday of the Baby.

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Cordlife Difference


Process & Quality

Cordlife India successfully attained accreditations and certifications from various standards organizations and regulators, the world's gold standard in private cord blood banking which include AABB, CAP, WHO-GMP and also US-FDA registration.

We pride ourselves on these stringent standards and guarantee that your baby's cord blood unit will be screened, processed and stored according to the strictest international quality assurance programme. Transplant physicians are more likely to accept an internationally accredited cord blood unit, compared to a unit which is not.

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CellOptima Assurance

CellOptimaTM, patented in 40 countries across the world including India and US, is exclusively available with only Cordlife in India. It is an advanced technology for harvesting stem cells from the cord lining and offers you the following assurances:

  • Optimal Condition Assurance.
  • Explant Purity & Dual Source Storage Assurance.
  • Usability Assurance.
  • Technology Accessibility Assurance.

All patents granted for CellOptima™ prevents other companies from harvesting stem cells from cord lining. CellOptima™ is only available at Cordlife in India.

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AXP® II Processing

When you store your baby’s stem cells, it is important to understand that Stem Cell processing and isolation is a critical step in cord blood banking. It affects the number of stem cells that can be harvested or recovered from the cord blood. Cell recovery rates are critical because a higher number of stem cells could enhance the success of the transplant or treatment. That is why Cordlife offers FDA-cleared, cGMP and cGTP compliant AXP® II System. This platform is a functionally closed, sterile and automated cord blood processing technology, which uses optical sensor technology to consistently and efficiently harvest the stem cell rich buffy coat and retain over 97% of the Mononuclear cells from Umbilical Cord Blood - All this without using HES, so that you get more stem cells for maximum engraftment and thus better transplant success. The AXP® II consists of the AXP® II device, docking station, processing set, and XpressTRAK® software that assists with cGMP and cGTP compliance.

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Cryogenic Storage

Cordlife uses the U.S. FDA approved cryogenic storage pouch. This multi-compartmentalised cryobag has 20 percent and 80 percent compartments. This dual compartment enables stem cell expansion in future. That means that when this stem cell expansion technology is commercially viable, you can withdraw 80 percent of the stem cells for immediate use /treatment while continuing to store the balance for later expansion.

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Awards & Accomplishment

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Success Stories


Moinam was diagnosed Thalassemia when he was barely one year old. If left untreated, most of the children inflicted with this disorder do not live beyond the age of 10. Fortuitously, his newborn sister was free from Thalassemia and her cord blood stem cells were a perfect match for Moinam, with small amount of bone marrow to supplement the transplant, Moinam is now in his recovery phase.

"We decided to use a mixture of bone marrow and cord blood cells as it has a better and faster chance of success than only bone marrow cells. Bone marrow stem cells, on the other hand, could lead to Graft Versus Host Disease, triggered by the body's defense mechanism while the transfusion is being done. Not only increase the stem cell count, but also reduce the chance of any complications. It is the treatment of choice in such cases and leads to a complete cure," explained Dr Mukherjee, Medical Director of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute.

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  • Client’ CAF sign date should be within 1st to 31st July 2023.
  • Offer applicable on only CORDPLUS - CB+ FLEXI 24.

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