Acupuncture on the Feet for New-borns

Acupuncture on the Feet for New-borns – It Works!

Acupuncture has been therapeutically used in China for thousands of years and is slowly gaining prominence in other countries, including those in America, Europe and Asia. Not just for adults, it is widely believed that acupuncture for children is a healthy practice that results in a better night’s sleep for your child and improved overall health. This practice is effective in preventing postoperative induced nausea in children, according to a report published by the National Institute of Health[1]. Here are several other advantages of using acupuncture on your child’s feet.

  • This Chinese practice is a source of good sleep and healthy digestion among young kids.
  • A daily routine can contribute to the overall wellness of your child.
  • The procedure can improve the quality of sleep by restoring any energy imbalances.
  • It can be used to eliminate problems of gas, constipation, diarrhoea and bloating.
  • It stimulates the flow of blood not just in the feet but in the entire body.

The Practice of Reflexology

Along with acupuncture for the feet, practising reflexology is also a practice that can be administered regularly. This practice involves rubbing your child’s feet and hands when he/she gets uncomfortable or cranky. This effective and safe method is based on the principle that reflex points found on the hands and   feet correspond to specific organs, bones, body systems and muscles, says in Natural Transition[2]. This practice can be administered right from birth all the way into puberty. As your child gets older and starts walking, this practice, along with periodic acupuncture, can help check the development of your child’s feet. Problems that are commonly caused by ill-fitting shoes, such as toe deformities, warts, athlete’s foot, infections, corns, flat feet, in-grown toe nails, etc, can be avoided by simply practising reflexology and acupuncture.

Tips for Relaxed Acupuncture and Reflexology

Keep these tips in mind while practising either technique:

  • Do not apply too much pressure. Use the same amount of force you would when giving someone a massage. In case of acupuncture, ensure that the needles do not harm your child.
  • If your child is sick, the reflex points in the feet will feel quite sensitive to the touch.
  • Generally, this practice is enjoyable for kids and they willingly get it done. However, if your child withdraws his foot obsessively, it is a clear indication that either he/she is unwell or you aren’t doing it right.

Either session must not be more than 5 to 10 minutes long, depending on what your child is comfortable with.



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