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12 Uncommon Pregnancy Do’s and Don’ts That Nobody Told You Ever

Most pregnant ladies are aware of what to do and what not to do. Their doctors usually provide them with a list of that. But here are some surprising do’s and don’ts that they don’t know.

When you will conceive your doctor will provide you with the list of things to do and don’t to stay healthy through your pregnancy. Here, we have come up with a list of the less obvious things that you should try as well as refrain from.

Do Exercise

Pregnant women no longer sit idle at home fearing movements can harm their unborn babies. Instead, it is now a proven fact that exercise is good for both the would-be-mom and the baby in the womb. Regular exercises help combat many issues that are common during pregnancy, like; insomnia, excessive weight gain, muscle pain, mood swings.

Those who used to exercise regularly before pregnancy can talk to their doctors to make adjustments to their routine. And, those who didn’t should ask their doctors to include a safe fitness schedule into their daily routine.

Do Eat Seafood

There are popular misconceptions regarding not eating seafood during pregnancy. But in reality, what you need to refrain from is to eat raw or uncooked seafood as they may carry bacteria and viruses. You should also stay away from those fishes that contain mercury, otherwise eating seafood is completely fine as long as you limit your intake to 12 ounces per week and it does come with minerals, vitamins, healthy omega-3 fatty acids, iron and zinc and all of these are additional nutrients to both mother and baby.

Do Have Sex

There’s no harm in having sex during pregnancy till your water breaks as long as you don’t have placenta previa or any type of high-risk pregnancy conditions. You can try a different position if you feel any discomfort.

Do Get a Flu Vaccine

Getting a flu vaccine is safe for pregnant women as long as they don’t have a contraindication. The flu vaccine will protect you and the developing baby from contracting influenza during pregnancy which can aggravate the risk of fatal side-effects.

Do Visit Your Dentist

In earlier days, pregnant women were asked not to visit a dentist in the fear of bacteria spreading due to oral cleaning. But now doctors recommend that expectant mothers should go for regular dental cleanings and have a routine oral health assessment. Of course, they have to let the dentist know that they are expecting in the first place.

This is the list of things that pregnant women should do. Let’s take a look at what they can’t do during their pregnancy.

Restrict Consumption of Aerated Drinks

Most of the soda or fizzy drinks contains caffeine.  Consuming too much of caffeine has multiple side-effects during pregnancy such as dehydration and  elevates the heartbeat in the fetus. Infact increasing the daily intake of

Taking a Hot Bath

While lukewarm water is fine, hot water with temperature more than 101 degrees causes blood pressure to drop and reduces the oxygen supply in expectant mothers’ bodies. This triggers weakness and dizziness and may also cause miscarriages. So it is better to avoid saunas and hot tubs during pregnancy.

Do Not Change Cat Litter

Cat litter contains a parasite called toxoplasmosis and it can breed if the cat is a carrier and cause malformation in the baby in the womb. But if your cat lives indoors and has been tested to make sure that it is not a carrier, you don’t need to worry.

Do Not Use Electric Blankets

Electric blankets produce electromagnetic fields that can harm the developing baby. So, you find another way to warm yourself up.

Do Not Go For Artificial Nails

Nail salons are often full of smelly chemicals that can be harmful to your baby’s brain development. You should also stop visiting dry cleaning establishments, medical laboratories, and manufacturing plants that emit a strong smell of chemicals.

Do Not Paint The Nursery

Pregnant women should not paint nursery as it can be harmful to be around fumes, especially if the rooms are not properly ventilated.

Do Not Use Certain Skincare Products

Pregnant ladies should avoid those skincare products that contain retinoids, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide as these chemicals skin can be absorbed into bodies and affect developing babies.


This list of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy may surprise you but by following this you can contribute to safety to your developing child.

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